Unravel (click)



I took rest like He told me to. I lay my head
down and closed my eyes as if 
I had not just seen all the unraveled left 
unraveled in the world outside. 

My lashes touch and lay rest 
on my upper cheekbones, soft;
Unlike the hard smacks from side to side
still burning 
They knocked me back to despair's doorstep
only just a moment ago;

Bruises and lashes still fresh and raw, open;
Awaiting the salt I knew
I would rub in them 
as I tossed and turned.

Yet He whispered,
"Shhhh....rest. Rest as if you never knew
any of it".
And so I drifted away 
Into slumber's open window
while all the open wounds stay open. 
And when I awoke,

There was Dad still 
at my bedside 
with His hands open
--all of it He carried
and held while I had fallen deep, helpless.

And His palms made me wonder why my anxious
ever mattered. 
He carried it all; 
including myself. 

And here He is over me and yet,

There I go

still asking,

“Will you be here
when the dark comes again?

And then after, when it meets with
sun's breaking light too?"

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