Word on the street.


"You stupid *****, I'm gunna shank you, I swear I am. I can't go to jail you don't understand" -unnamed 


I don't understand it! I been shot, been to jail--it ain't for me! You hear me? Jail is not for me! I got a job now, I work! I don't get why my fam...


"Na, I don't work. I'll be 18 soon so I'll apply for a check"  -unnamed  


"I would never want to be a cop, yall always gettin shot at out here!" --unnamed 20 year old female


"Oh my gosh you're right, my teeth are all chipped off. Thanks a lot for rubbing it in. Can I please take your gun and go after them guns blazing? ...


"So you're a cop right? So what exactly do you do?"  


"I work hard for what we have and I don't mess with anyone. I don't understand why they gotta come take ours"


"I quit because I didn't like the way my boss spoke to me. And he wouldn't give me a raise. So I'm back out here on the streets again."


"Those mice are little rascals, always tryin to steal my food. I wont let 'em this time though. No, not today, these are my crackers." -a.


"I was just sittin on my front porch and I saw them run past shooting at each other. One had a big gun the other had a smaller one, I think one lik...


"Men, women. Don't wear your emotions on your sleeve, we don't have time. We got things to do out here." -Sgt


"You'll be out here for awhile tonight, right? I'm gunna be around here for a little while and panhandle, then could you come pick me up and take m...